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green sweep prioritizes eco-friendly, sustainable practices to provide you with a spotless living environment, allowing you to enjoy the freshness of your space while knowing you’re also keeping your carbon footprint low.

We offer a wide selection of comprehensive options to the residents of Ocean Beach, including custom “Priority by the Hour” cleaning, small office cleaning services, move-in/ move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, and other meticulous cleaning services for houses. By combining our commitment to excellence and advanced green techniques, we deliver exceptional performance with every appointment.

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Our diligent team is highly trained in delivering premium-quality maintenance to your home while applying sustainable techniques and technology. We carefully select the products and tools that we use so they’re in compliance with our devotion to preserve nature. We deliver top results with minimized carbon footprint.

We strongly believe that a service isn’t complete without pleasant and friendly communication. Our professional house cleaners are fully committed to providing you with top maintenance, but also to fostering trust-based connections, ensuring customer service that goes above and beyond to understand and meet your needs.

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Residential Cleaning

Our impeccable house and apartment cleaning services render your home utterly fresh and hygienic with consistent dedication to quality.
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Deep House Cleaning

With our meticulous approach, we target each typically overlooked area with high precision, securing thorough disinfection throughout your home.
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Move In/Move Out Cleaning

If you’re relocating to a new residence or leaving your old home in Ocean Beach, our move-in/out cleaning can take excellent care of the premises.
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Customized Cleaning

We can personalize our service according to your needs. Let us know what you’d like our focus on, and our pros will closely adhere to your requirements.
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Small Office Cleaning

We provide reliable small office cleaning services, to ensure a professional and hygienic environment for your employees, business partners, and clients.
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Your happiness is our priority

We proudly support our team’s expertise by backing up each appointment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case you’re unhappy with any part of our apartment, house, or small office cleaning in Ocean Beach, feel free to let us know within the following 24 hours. We’ll gladly send our team to re-clean the area in question. We’re all about promoting a constructive, trust-based relationship with our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours should a deep clean take?

The duration can vary significantly based on different factors such as the size of the area, its current condition, as well as the level of detail involved. Generally, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours or even more. Reach out to our deep cleaning pros in Ocean Beach and we’ll give you precise information according to your space and needs.

Are you supposed to clean your house when you move out?

Yes, you’re generally expected to take care of the property’s hygiene at the end of your tenancy. Many rental agreements and real estate transactions include clauses requiring a thorough upkeep before handing over the property. It ensures that the space is in good condition for the next tenant or owner. Move-out cleaning can help you avoid potential disputes and deductions from your security deposit.

What does office cleaning include?

It encompasses a range of tasks to maintain a hygienic and organized work environment. This typically involves dusting and wiping surfaces, washing windows, vacuuming or mopping floors, emptying trash bins, sanitizing restrooms, and disinfecting high-touch areas to provide a safe and pleasant place for employees and visitors. Our small office cleaning specialists in Ocean Beach have the skills and expertise to provide your premises with the treatment you deserve.

What is a customized cleaning service?

It’s a tailored service that meets the specific needs of individual clients or spaces. It involves collaborating with clients to determine their preferences, frequency, and areas of focus. Whether for home or business, customized cleaning services aim to provide personalized and effective solutions that align with the unique requirements of each customer.

Who provides comprehensive small office & residential cleaning services in Ocean Beach, CA & beyond?

green sweep is your dedicated team when you want to give your living or working environment the treatment it deserves. Whether your property is close to the San Diego River or anywhere else across Ocean Beach, you can count on our diligent specialists to deliver:

Feel free to reach out to us for comprehensive house cleaning in La Mesa or top-notch apartment cleaning in Hillcrest. Give us a call today!

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